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Ladylocks | Ladylocks By Carlene - Natrona Heights, PA

Ladylocks are a key part of my story. That’s why I put it in the name! When a friend taught me how to make these cookies, I fell in love. From then on, I worked on perfecting my ladylocks and today, I can say they are my specialty.

Ladylocks are fluffy pastry shells filled with a sweet creamy filling. Each of my ladylocks is handmade by me. At only $7 for a dozen, these cookies are a bargain, as well! At my bakery in Natrona Heights, they are baked fresh everyday. You can tell they are fresh out of the oven by their perfectly fluffy texture.

Stop by my bakery in Natrona Heights, PA and pick up a box to bring in to work to make the day go by faster, or bring some home to your spouse just to say “I love you.” Or, eat them all yourself – they are SO good that you may not be able to eat just a few!

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